Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Welcome to Scholar Two: Press Start

Hello and welcome to Scholar Two: Press Start, a blog dedicated to thinking about video games in a critical and intellectual light. You won't find reviews the have scores here. What that means is that I won't be playing games and assigning them categorical point values. What it doesn't mean is that there will not be any critique going on here. Plenty of critique will be going on here.

A bit on the name. It's supposed to invite conversation. I'll take Scholar One and the world can pick up Scholar Two and we'll get some stuff done.

I will comment on anything from general trends to specific game mechanics. I'll point to games and talk about what they do well and what they do badly. I'll note when a game does something I think is special and should be talked about. I'll talk about when a game does something I think is unspecial and should be talked about. The point of all of this is to do something with video games that is critical and well thought out.

Recently, I've been working on a critical study of video games but there have been problems with that. At every turn and around every corner new questions pop up. Questions which that project cannot address because of its range and scope. Does that mean these aren't important or answer or answerable questions? No, not at all. In fact, many of the questions are answerable and very important, they're just not questions that fall within the scope of that particular project.

With that in mind, it doesn't mean that the purpose of this won't change. Some of those questions are going to demand answers that a blog post might not be able to answer. Some of those answers might demand even more. The scope, breadth, and overall mission of High Function Gaming is bound to change over time. What isn't going to change is a devotion to analytic and thought provoking, or thought provoked, posts about video games and interactive digital media.

I don't have all the right answers and I don't pretend to. In fact, the reason I don't have all the answers is why High Function Gaming exists. Another reason is that I don't have all the questions. I'm not a scholar trying to be a gamer, I'm a gamer trying to be a scholar studying the thing he loves.

Definitely more to come in the next few days but this is finally a start.

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