Friday, December 27, 2013

Click Bait "Game of the Year" Post

So it's about time that I did this. In truth, I don't really like the idea of "Game of the Year" for the same reasons that I don't like "Best Picture". The winner will always come down to the sensibilities of voters (voter in my case).

It's not hard to imagine how easily this happens, certain types of people like certain types of games and there are generally standouts in each category. Then there is a kind of ebb and flow of genres. Fighting games used to be much more popular than they are now. Fifteen years ago the MMO didn't really exist and 10 years ago we were still calling them MMORPGs before realizing they were all basically RPGs. Things come and go out of vogue like that fairly easily.

My long winded point is that there is an inherent bias that you can't really deal with. So, to deal with it I asked myself, "what does it really mean to be 'Game of the year?'" And came up with this, Game of the Year is the one game that I would save if all of the 2013 videogames were about to fall into a chasm of space and time.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

PAX's "Diversity Lounges" need to be more

Penny Arcade has a problem. They have a problem that involves race, gender, and sexuality. Instead of engaging with those issues and trying to discover what things have been done in order marginalize several groups of people they've decided to round them up into a corner at every PAX.

Now I realize that I am being somewhat cynical. They haven't even implemented this yet and some people are saying that it's a positive step forward for an organization that has never before demonstrated any sort of support for the groups they would like to round up.

I agree that this is definitely something positive coming from Penny Arcade. Their past can best be described as troubling or problematic and at worst simply flagrantly offensive. The idea of "diversity lounges" and their stated goals makes sense in light of that. However, it's a bandage attempting to stop a raging hemorrhage.

Yes, videogames have an inclusiveness problem, that few will deny (and those that will are wrong). But that's for another day. Right now I want to look at why this is the wrong solution for what I think is the problem.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Where are all the good Star Wars games?

Remember when LucasArts got sold to Disney? Remember when a lot of people were happy because George Lucas wasn't doing anything with the franchise? I was a part of that camp, I was waiting for the second coming of the Force and here it was! The mouse would save us!

Well it's been over a year since the FTC cleared the acquisition. It's been 9 months since it was announced that LucasArt's pipeline was being shutdown and eliminated. It's been 7 months since we were told EA was getting the exclusive licence to the games and LucasArts could only do social. So what have we seen since all this happened? Where are the Star Wars games?

Friday, December 6, 2013

Been away for awhile

So I've been away for awhile working on a lot of other things. Last month I did National Novel Writing Month but it will be a long while before that thing I wrote gets to a point where it's shareable, let a lone readable. This month I'll be working on a lot of different things including a new serial and a lot of videogame things.

Looking down the road I'll be sure to do some end of the year thing as well as post about some games that I've been playing. I shouldn't vanish any more like I did but I definitely will be most frequently, although maybe not every day. That pace got to be a little much.

Any of you who have stuck around, thanks for sticking around. I'll definitely make it worth your while.