Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Where are all the good Star Wars games?

Remember when LucasArts got sold to Disney? Remember when a lot of people were happy because George Lucas wasn't doing anything with the franchise? I was a part of that camp, I was waiting for the second coming of the Force and here it was! The mouse would save us!

Well it's been over a year since the FTC cleared the acquisition. It's been 9 months since it was announced that LucasArt's pipeline was being shutdown and eliminated. It's been 7 months since we were told EA was getting the exclusive licence to the games and LucasArts could only do social. So what have we seen since all this happened? Where are the Star Wars games?
First, we were graced with Angry Birds Star Wars II. I won't go and say its a bad game but it has definitely set the tone. Another Angry Birds game was exactly what Star Wars needed right? And it definitely demonstrated that Disney was doing new and exciting things with the licence right? Exactly. I rarely complain about getting more Star Wars but this was kind of unnecessary, especially since it reminds me of the worst three films.

Then there was Star Wars: Tiny Death Star, an adorable social game that my mother and I still play. It's cute, its funny, but its another reskin. It's just Tiny Tower with Star Wars. Again, reskins can be good, they can be fun, but this wasn't the good game we wanted. Sure its adorable and fills me with nostalgia but I still remember the horridness of Tiny Tower.

Somewhere in the mix is EA DICE's Battlefront, a game that should have come out years ago. My fear is that this is going to be a reskin of Battlefield with Star Wars characters. Until the release of Battlefield 4 this would have been fine. However, with all the problems that have plagued the game I worry about whether this game even has a chance. Sure, EA has a bad track record but DICE used to have a great one. Now, I'm worried.

However, an interesting thing that just came up is Star Wars: Attack Squadrons. Looks good so far right? Strangely, my preliminary search has turned up nothing substantial on the developers, Area 52. Their twitter has one tweet and says they're working on a secret IP, which this might be. They're following Disney Interactive and they're listed on the game so in all probability it is. Could this be the good Star Wars game we were supposed to get?

I'm done complaining for now, I just wish they hadn't canned 1313.

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