Monday, August 4, 2014

Humans of Los Santos

Spend enough time in a place and eventually you stop seeing big things, like national landmarks or tourist attractions. If you’re just blowing through a major city like New York or London it’s fairly easy to only focus on those things. Even staying in a small town it’s easy to fixate on “landmarks”, bright signs demanding your attention. But stay in a place long enough and the big things begin to fade away, stop mattering to you. If you’re really lucky, the thing that you see is what’s always been around you, people.

People with stories.

In this way, Humans of New York started almost by accident. It was not until creator Brandon Stanton started talking to his subjects and then including short captions did the project really take off. When I look through old instant photos my family has taken I realize that we have been doing this all along but in shorter bursts, allowing the photograph to do most of the talking. “Christmas ‘[YEAR]” or “[NAME]’s birthday”, or some variation, adorn many of these such pictures.